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BA's BASIS for safety. (British Airways Safety Information System)

On a rather simplistic scale, an aircraft accident can be defined as a chain of events linking the departure of an aircraft to the final scene of the accident. if the chain is broken at any point, the accident does not occur.

British Airways has created a computerized safety program that is designed to identify the links in the chain before the aircraft takes off and prevent the coupling of those finks.

Called British Airways Safety information System (BASIS), it was created in 1990-91 to monitor safety data logged from all areas within the airline, from flight crews to ground-handling personnel. Then, it computerizes the data into a matrix that provides virtually instant recognition of a safety problem--whether whether maintenance, human factor or ATC.

Development of BASIS came about simply because of the vast number of safety reports coming in and the problem of reading and evaluating aU the data. …

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