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Asia/Pacific. (1991 World Airline Report)

AAA: Australia's latest proposed new airline is talking about nonfrills service with DC-9-30s but it has not yet acquired either aircraft or an operating certificate. Its backers are pilots who lost their jobs in the labor dispute in 1990.

Aerolift Philippines: The third-level carrier flew some 80,000 passengers last year in its fleet of two Twin Otters, two Islanders and a Dornier 228. After a court battle, it recently received authority to enter full-fledged domestic scheduled operations and is seeking to lease three ATR 72s for delivery late this year.

Aeropelican: The Australian carrier, which flies four Twin Otters between Newcastle/Belmont and Sydney, boarded 84,000 passengers and performed 9.1 million RPKs in the year ended last June 30.

Air Asiatic: One of several carriers that hoped to challenge the domestic monopoly of Indian Airlines, Air Asiatic was grounded by internal disputes after operating briefly.

Air Australia: The proposed Adelaide-based carrier is planning to feed Australian Airlines, using an F27.

Air Caledonie: Good traffic growth but poor financial results were the story at the Noumea-based carrier in 1991.

Passenger boardings increased by 5.9% to 244,733 last year, RPKs rose 7.9% to 40.7 million and FTKs climbed 8.6% to 3.47 million. Service to two new resorts is expected to boost boardings by 9.9% this year.

Air Caledonie suffered an operating loss of $4.9 million and a net loss of $5.5 million last year on a 5.8% decline, to $18.5 million, in revenues. In 1990 it had an operating loss of $2 million and a net profit of $19,454.

The carrier flies three ATR 42s and two Dornier 228s.

Air Caledonie International: Mixed traffic results and improved finances marked 1991 at Air Caledonie International. Passenger boardings dipped 1.6% to 99,782 but RPKs were up 3.7% to 132 million.

Revenues, meanwhile, jumped 17.3% to $23.2 million, producing an operating profit of $4.4 million and a net of $639,310. The bottom line of 1990 showed an operating profit of $4.06 million and a net of $274,400.

Air Hong Kong: The all-cargo carrier's traffic grew more than 10 times in 1991, to 224.1 million FTKs from 20 million in 1990, and it is forecasting another 86.8% jump this year.

Air Hong Kong flies two hush-kitted 707-320Cs and two 747-100 freighters.

Air India: Thanks to a substantial increase in yield and to devaluation of the rupee, Air India chalked up record gains in revenues and profits in the year ended March 31. Revenues were up 14.4% to $769.3 million to produce a record net operating profit of $38.46 million. On the traffic front, passenger boardings remained level at 2.1 million. Capacity was down due to a month-long pilot strike in May.

The government has taken steps to partially privatize Air India while maintaining a majority interest.

Air Kangaroo Island: The Australian carrier flies a Twin Otter and two Cessna 402s between Adelaide and four destinations on Kangaroo Island. Its 1991 traffic results could not be obtained.

AirLanka: Traffic growth continued at Sri Lanka's national carrier in 1991. Passenger boardings were up 0.7% to 897,802, RPKs rose 1.8% to 3.49 billion and FTKs climbed 8.2% to 98.7 million.

Airlines of Tasmania: In the year ended last June 30, the carrier flew 54,253 passengers in its fleet of one Shorts 360, one Bandeirante, three de Havilland Herons and four Piper twins.

Air Link: The longtime Australian charter operator launched scheduled service with a Cessna 310 last fall to feed Hazelton Airlines from Dubbo. Its 1991 traffic results were not available.

Air Nelson: The Air New Zealand feeder has added a sixth Saab 340 to a fleet that also includes 10 Metro IIIs. Efforts to obtain its 1991 traffic results were unsuccessful.

Air New Zealand: Traffic results were mixed once again at New Zealand's national carrier in 1991, according to data it filed with ICAO. Passenger boardings were down 11.5% to 3,763,143 but RPKs rose a slim 0.2% to 10.6 billion and FTKs jumped 17.5% to 370.6 million.

In the six months that ended Dec. 31, ANZ, which is in the process of changing its financial year, posted an operating profit of $35.8 million and a net of $30.6 million on revenues of $593.9 million in contrast to an operating loss of $3.97 million and a net loss of $14.5 million in the six months ended Sept. 30, 1990.

During the 15 months that ended June 30, 1991, revenues of $1.33 billion produced an operating loss of $7.89 million but a net profit of just under $3 million.

Air Nippon: All Nippon Airways' domestic subsidiary was continuing to show excellent growth through the first six months of 1991, the latest period for which numbers were available at

s writing. Passenger boardings were up 17% to 1,493,793, RPKs were ahead 27.5% to 506.6 million, and FTKs had climbed 11.9% to 1.3 million.

Air North International: The third-level carrier flies two Cessna 404s and a Cessna 402 from Darwin and Katherine to a number of nearby points. Its 1991 traffic results were not available.

Air Pacific: Mixed traffic results but a good gain in revenues marked 1991 at the Fijian carrier. Passenger boardings were down 6% to 305,560 and RPKs dipped 1.5% to 869.4 million but FTKs jumped 39.3% to 35.3 million. Growth of 13.1% in passengers, 3.2% in RPKs and 3% in FTKs is anticipated this year.

Revenues were up 17.1% to $126.6 million last year but Air Pacific posted a small operating loss. The carrier is flying a 747-200, a 767-200ER and two ATR 42s, and has two 767-300ERs on order.

Air Philippines: A joint venture between TNT and Philippine Aerospace Development Corp., the new carrier plans to provide express cargo service with two BAe 146-300QTs.

Air Seychelles: Inauguration of weekly service to Johannesburg highlighted 1991 for Air Seychelles, which flies a 767-200ER and has a 757 on order.

Traffic results were mixed last year but the carrier turned in a good financial performance. Passenger boardings were up 2.2% to 62,297 but RPKs dipped 1.3% to 425.6 million and FTKs were off 3.2% to 10 million. This year, Air Seychelles is looking for growth of 29. …

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