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Kelleher KO'd 'Malice in Dallas' match leaves lawyers in the lurch. (Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines arm wrestles Kurt Herwald of Stevens Aviation over advertising slogan)

DALLAS -- The sunrise was auspicious today. "Smokin'" Herb Kelleher and Kurt (Curtsy) Herwald were making their way into the arm-wrestling history books.

The crowd, consisting primarily of bused-in Southwest Airlines supporters, started gathering at about 8:30 a.m. The anticipation grew as the media -- radio, television, newspapers and a certain distinguished magazine -- gathered for the event -- a 2-out-of-3 arm wrestling match between Herwald, chairman of Stevens Aviation, Greenville, S.C., the challenger, and Herb Kelleher, chairman of Southwest Airlines, Dallas, the challengee.

Why all the drama? To decide, like real men, who keeps the rights to a slogan -- Southwest claims Just Plane Smart, while Stephens uses Plane Smart -- without the involvement of expensive legal "sharks" and time-consuming litigation. …

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