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ATA declares war. (Air Transportation Association of America) (Column)

Within the past decade and since the heat-of-the-kitchen label has ceased to be airline deregulation, the Air Transport Association of America generally has been considered the model of a cooperative organization dealing with a soft but firm hand in representing its members and their interests. Not so now! In late March, ATA President Robert Aaronson was directed by members to "declare war against escalating heavy taxation and excessive bureaucratic regulations."

The staff has been ordered to pull out all stops in combatting, reducing and even eliminating burdensome government regulations.

Aaronson said: "The airline industry in the U.S. is in serious trouble. This may sound carry to some, but we can no longer do business as usual." He says: "If President George Bush is serious about his regulatory-review plan to eliminate legislative impediments to growth, to make it something else besides an election-year campaign bubble, then he must deliver an open-minded policy that will ensure industry survival. …

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