Air Transport World

Asia/Pacific as a manufacturing force; the world's fastest-growing air-transport market may take a major role in transport manufacturing soon.

Where will the transports of the future be built? The vast majority of non-Soviet commercial-transport manufacturing in the postwar era has been in North America and Europe. But now, the major nations of the Asia/Pacific region, a densely populated area of immense potential beginning to flex new-found industrial muscle, are becoming factors in air transport manufacturing.

For the most part, these developing industries are playing supporting roles. But the question that must be asked is: Will the region with both the fastest-growing air traffic in the world and the fastest-growing industrial capacity in the world focus its growth to assume a significant portion of airtransport manufacturing?

A team of ATW editors traveled throughout the region seeking answers to those questions.

Not surprisingly, the answers found were not consistent, simple or easily understood. …

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