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To develop developing airlines. (interview with Hal Gamble of Aviareps) (Interview)

LONDO--Eight years ago, Hal Gamble, ex-Cathay Pacific, ex-Qantas--where he started his airline career as a commercial trainee--took a long-distance forward look to midnight, Dec. 31, 1992, the magic moment when all trade frontiers between the 12 European Common Market nations will come down and the EC airlines should have the freedom to fly where they like, when they like and to charge what fares they like, within a domestic market of 320 million people.

He reasoned that many of the airlines that would scramble aboard that new bandwagon would have the aircraft and the crews to fly them but would lack the essential infrastructure required to operate successful services: Marketing, reservations, check-in, accounts control, office services, airport representation and so on.

So was born Aviareps, which Gamble, its managing director, claims is "a unique service in a changing environment. …

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