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Naming protocols.(for airlines)

Branding, that holy grail of modern marketing, starts with a good name, a name one can build upon, and in this we clearly can see a migration in naming patterns.

The traditional source of airline names generally is along geographic lines: British, Japan, American, EgyptAir, Volga-Dnepr, Southwest, etc. Recent patterns go more toward evoking a feeling, as in easyJet, ExpressJet, snowflake, Freedom, Spirit, Excel, Cirrus, SilkAir and maybe Song, but definitely not Ted. Of course there is the minor subset of personification, as in Lauda Air and Ryanair, but definitely not Ted, and another small group named in the same way cars are given made up names because focus groups said the sound of the new word evoked ill-defined and totally unjustified good feelings, like JetBlue, Futura, Blue 1 and Virgin Blue. …

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