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Russia's Airlines look abroad: domestic aircraft manufacturing industry can't meet strong demand for new lift, but high tariffs dampen foreign imports.(Analysis)(Industry Overview)

During the 1990s, Russian airlines suffered a massive fall in traffic, from 90 million passengers to just 21 million by the end of the decade, resulting in production of civil airliners, running at close to 200 per year in Soviet times, dropping to just 4-5 annually. And the industry's structure, with these problems augmented by poor leadership, suffered seriously. The industry says it will take "five years" to get back into shape.

The decline finally bottomed in 2000--traffic rose slightly that year and increased 14.8% in 2001, a further 5.8% in 2002 and another 10.3% in 2003, with a lack of capacity limiting the growth in 2002-03. Traffic continued to soar at double-digit rates in the 2004 first quarter, jumping 23. …

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