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APRIL 1993


The troubled airline ejected its ninth president in 10 years in late March when Lewis H. Jordan suddenly left. This particular system for accelerating the departure of Continental presidents was perfected during the reign of Frank Lorenzo, who averaged one president a year over an 8-year period. Jordan's stay, however, was a lengthy one, lasting nearly two years. There had been doubts that the mechanism was still ill working order after such a layoff, but as can be seen it worked quite well. Remaining in the cockpit was CEO Robert Ferguson 3rd, the ejector. Jordan, the ejectee, was said to "pursue other opportunities," one of which probably concerned a certain amount of nylon cloth and cord. (Martin-Baker test shot. Northern Ireland)

JUNE 1987


The record of consolidation in the US is admirably described rise-where in this issue. Our chart clearly shows that Texas International begat Texas Air Corp., which are Continental and begat New York Air. Continental begat Continental West, although that temporary aberration is so confusing we conveniently forgot to put it on our chart. Pretend it didn't happen.

Then, of course, People Express, which throughout its existence believed wrongly that its name was one word instead of two, are PBA, Britt and Frontier. That last bit went down wrong and resulted in a fatal disease that eventually put it on TAC's table for dessert after TAC gobbled down EAL, which was an act akin to a boa constrictor swallowing a large iii animal. Whether the disease is transmitted to the diner is a question still awaiting an answer. Then, TAC are its young, throwing New York Air into Continental's maw.

But aside from all that, let's consider what nearly was. For example, Texas lnt'l, in 1979 nearly bought National, but cleverly allowed Pan Am to win that race to the poisoned well. …

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