Air Transport World

The third decade.(Flashback '84-'94)(airline history)

US carriers were seriously confronting company survival issues while airlines around the world advanced alliance experiments. The first major post-deregulation downturn saw several historic names depart the scene.

JUNE 1984

A report in China Daily indicates that CAAC may lose its monopoly on domestic services in the country.

JULY 1984


Airlines pondering future dealings with travel agents--On the surface airlines still Love their travel agents, but some are wondering if the computer might do it better and cheaper


Twins across the water standards near adoption--As ICAO and FAA proposed standards become known, the start of a new era in long-haul transport draws near

APRIL 1985


Satellites seen as important in 21st century ATC system--Starting with the use of GPS for navigation within a decade, aviation dependence on satellites is Likely to be widespread by 2010


Colin Marshall, CEO of British Airways, said, "Settlement bears no admission of guilt. BA and the other defendants have denied throughout the Laker litigation, and continue to deny, that there was any attempt on our part to drive Laker Airways out of business."

First aeronautical satellite data link system tailored to provide transoceanic communications and navigation services was flight tested in August by a joint industry team.

MARCH 1986

Eastern Airlines, stymied in its attempts to permanently cut labor costs, agreed to be bought by Texas Air Corp., owner of Continental Airlines and New York Air.

JUNE 1986

Decision which could have extreme significance on future fares policies of the European airlines and their supporting government was [the ruling by] the European Court of Justice ... that the air transport industry is subject to the Community's normal laws of competition, which generally forbid price-fixing.


Terrorist threat spurs security technology advances


Too many people, 90.1% of the total, [are] buying tickets discounted an average 62%, said carrier officials, almost double the discount traffic eight years ago ... Interestingly, airlines are spending ever-increasing amounts of money to sell and distribute these low-yielding tickets. …

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