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Airlines of the Orient: the Orient is the No. 1 growth center for air travel in the world; recent five-year growth of airlines in nine countries was 69.1%, more than double the 31.5% achieved by all the world's airlines.(Asia/Pacific 1977)

In the face of government overthrow in Thailand, political strains between Japan and Taiwan, and a general recession throughout most of the world, the airlines in the Orient have shown an increase in passengers from 23 million in 1971 to 39 million in 1975, a 69% rise.

During this same time span, airlines of the world were up from 333 million passengers in 1971 to 438 million in 1975 for a 31.5% increase. The world's IATA member airlines during the same period grew only 25.4%, from 252 million passengers in 1971 to 316 million in 1975.

To give the growth some perspective: Five years ago, all of the airlines in this report combined barely carried the number of passengers boarded by American Airlines. …

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