Air Transport World

The second decade.(Flashback '74-'84)(airline history)

During the second decade of ATW deregulation grew from a topic of debate into action and then fruition; IATA's power declined. Meanwhile, advances in aircraft technology continued to be pursued.

MAY 1974


Short-Haul Jet Hopes Ride With Hawker Siddeley HS-146


The Arab oil embargo and the energy crisis that resulted forced a critical appraisal of the future of air transportation ... Now is the time for governments to press their case with the US for pooling of services on the North Atlantic and for capacity controls in both scheduled and charter services.

JUNE 1974


The 747 Freighters, here they come

Reports persist that Aristotle Onassis is pushing hard for Greek government subsidy for Olympic Airways ... or else.


All Nippon Airways: Japan's Leading domestic airline is seeking scheduled international authority


Talk of the US airline industry is Delta's new pilot contract, said to provide an experienced 747 captain about $100,000 a year including fringes. Big concern is that only Delta can afford it.


IATA members at Annual General Meeting in Montreal voted "unanimously" to open its doors to membership by charter airlines ... but only ... to permit participation in traffic conferences on charter rates between Western Hemisphere and Europe.


As predicted by ATW, Russia has got to do something about safety if it wants to sell jets on the world market. Egypt is canceling its buy of eight Tu-154s on account of numerous and major defects.


The commuter airline industry has finally come of age ... allowed to operate under the CAB Part 298 exemption as free-wheeling businessmen in an otherwise highly regulated air transportation environment.


Brian H. Rowe, VP-general manager of GE's commercial engine division, has no doubts that the ten-ton engine (CFM56) "represents the biggest potential market since the 727. …

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