Air Transport World

The first decade.(Flashback '64-'74)(airline and air transport history)

The following extracts from ATW first 10 years are intended not to be a complete record of the period but to convey the key concerns of the time--fighting over fare levels and routes with regulators while looking for the next big technical advance.

JUNE 1964

By a 3-2 decision, the CAB refused to approve [IATA's] worldwide passenger fare increase. Such an action had never before been taken; always the CAB had approved the fares and rates agreed to by the airlines via the traffic conferences of the IATA ... Chairman [Alan] Boyd and his two colleagues ... said that the decision was 'not in the public interest.'

JULY 1964


Air Travel Card Gets Nod After Five-Year CAB Probe

The new Univac system is priced between $17,000 and $24,000 a month ... For this relatively small fee it offers smaller airlines something they haven't seen before--a modern passenger-name-record computer reservations system which they can call their very own at a price they can afford to pay.


American Airlines is fitting its Boeing 707s and 720Bs with a versatile new cabin entertainment system which includes movies, TV, stereo music, even takeoff and landing photos over a closed-circuit TV system.


Airlines, even some present non-DC-8 operators, are very much interested in Douglas' [proposed] 400-in. stretched DC-8-61.

MARCH 1965

The greatest concentration of airline electronics and operational know-how ever to be focused on a single technical problem is now being directed toward one goal--all-weather operations. As this article was being written, some fifty big jet schedules destined for New York's JFK were being diverted instead to Washington's Dulles International. There was nothing violent about the New York weather. It simply was below minimums.


That air bus: European airlines and manufacturers are looking at the prospects for a so-called 'air bus,' a short-haul jet for 150-250 passengers. An Anglo-French committee of government officials is at work somewhere on the project.


In the six years since the introduction of commercial jet airline service in the US there has been increasing emphasis on passenger comfort and on-time performance. The device that has perhaps been the biggest boon to both is the jet aircraft boarding device ... referred to as 'loading bridges.'


Airlines of the Arab World have formed the Arab Air Carriers Association with temporary headquarters in Cairo . …

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