Air Transport World

This is your Air Transport World.(First Editorial 1964)(Brief Article)

May, 1964

This is the first edition of Air Transport World, a new business publication dealing exclusively with matters of air transport--of people, mail and cargoes--worldwide. It is born of the conviction that air transportation is a big industry, an important one, too dynamic in its growth and changing techniques to be served properly by anything short of a business magazine devoted exclusively to its interests.

In a statement addressed to leaders of this industry during the past few months, the undersigned put forth quite clearly the dedication and goals of Air Transport World--to contribute to both the advancement and expansion of world air transportation. The pace of progress in this industry--the many changes in equipment, in fleets, in management methods, and in people--demands a single medium by which the managements of air transport operations throughout the world can keep abreast of these new developments and tuned to the peak of efficiency. …

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