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The past is very much prologue.(Welcome 2004)(airline history)

History fascinates me. A calm consideration of what has transpired, illuminated by details and perspective accumulated over the years, usually produces a good understanding of what happened, how it happened and how it fits into a sequence of events often leading tip to and shaping the present day.

Current events, however, often lack clarity and have only their own immediacy to recommend them. In fact, sometimes it is the lack of a clear understanding of how a current event is going to affect matters a little further down the road that gives living in the here-and-now its vibrancy, its excitement: "What the heck is that going to do?"

ATW has been a part of the global airline industry for 40 years, not quite half the age of KLM, which will--or may, Air France willing--celebrate its 85th birthday in October. …

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