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Rift over rules in Rio. (airline regulation in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; includes related article) (Company Profile)

RIO DE JANEIRO-When DAC, the air-transport body in Brazil, promoted the fifth National Commercial Aviation Conference late last year, the idea was to get industry consensus on basic topics related to the ongoing flexibility policy here. Multidesignation, free competition, liberalization, the challenge imposed upon local airlines by megacarriers and the globalization wave were words in the event.

Consensus was not a big result of the conference. Carriers disagreed on mainstream issues, finding joint points of view in side questions only. Above aH, the event stressed the conflicting positions of airtransport industry players in this country.

Player No. 1, acting as a referee of the game, is the federal government. Since 1987, Departmento de Aviacao Civil (DAC), the air-transport arm of the Ministry of Aeronautics, has been leading the industry in the direction of the changes that are sweeping the activity worldwide. This gained speed when President Fernando Collor de Mello took office in March, 1990 on a platform of liberalization of the economy. in the airline business, this meant opening the gate to new entrants, relaxing governmental rules and making the environment more competitive. …

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