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'Emerald' aims to be the best. (EVA Air Corp.) (Company Profile)

TAIPEI-When EVA Air's creators started with a clean sheet of green paper in September, 1988, their vision was to design the world's best airline for service. Everything about the new airline was to be fresh, the best and wherever possible, green.

Green, in shades from emerald to jade, is significant. It was adopted by Evergreen's Group chairman and founder, Y.F. Chang, to reflect growth, youth, harmony and hope.

EVA Air Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Taiwan's Evergreen Group, whose Evergreen Marine is the world's largest container-shipping company--some say it has better international connections than many nations. EVA Airways Corp. was incorporated in Taipei in 1988 with a capital base of $370 million. Revenue flights began last year.

"From the very beginning, we planned nothing on a small scale. We would never survive," airline President Hsu Juei-yen-Frank Hsu-told ATW. "We planned to be of a size than can compete internationally. That's why we ordered 28 new aircraft and built our own facilities. Everything is aimed at being a major airline once those aircraft are delivered," he said.

EVA Air-pronounced E-V-A Air-started flawlessly last july, launching services to five destinations in its first week and adding two more by October, including a long-haul route from Taipei to Vienna.

This was in spite of political turbulence prior to the launch, when Taiwanese opposition parties accused the government of showing favoritism toward the new carrier by issuing the international license.

The three years of meticulous planning preceding EVA Air's launch are worth inspecting, because they show where the carrier is headed and how it intends to get there. …

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