Air Transport World

Passenger service award: Virgin Atlantic Airways. (18th Annual Air Transport World Awards)

ATW's Passenger Service Award is considered to be among the most prestigious of our awards, since it recognizes outstanding service in a service-oriented industry.

In submitting nominations for the award, ATW's editors are instructed that it should go to "an airline that has been innovative and consistently above average in providing outstanding quality passenger service at a fair price." The guidelines state that this can be measured by public acceptance and reputation."

Virgin Atlantic Airways, winner of the 1991 Passenger Service Award, has built a reputation that goes far beyond that criterion.

Although it is one of the world's youngest airlines, started in 1984, Virgin Atlantic has set service standards by which other airlines are being judged. its guiding light has been its founder and chairman, Richard Branson.

Branson is noted internationally for his success in various entertainment industries, ranging from music-recording companies to travel and leisure activities. …

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