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A moment of respect, please. (now defunct Pan Am World Airways Inc. was a pioneer in the airline industry) (Editorial)

Corporate life in today's U.S. airline industry is cheap. Many airlines have died over the past year or so and few people seem to care, except the people who worked for them and who added more than 50,000 statistics to the U.S. unemployment rolls last year. But that's business, and businesses come and go.

However, there should be one exception to the current attitude toward dead airlines-the Dec. 4 demise of Pan American World Airways. This was no ordinary airline, no ordinary business.

Pan Am was something special. The airline industry and the flying public owe a great deal to the people who founded, developed and nurtured it over the years, from Juan Terry Trippe down to the lowest staffer. They built the very foundations of today's international-airline industry. …

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