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European air cargo: one-way east. (imports to Eastern Europe will exceed exports in 1992) (Industry: Cargo)

Some three decades ago, 1958 to be precise, the Treaty of Rome established the European Community. Among the goals were the establishment of a common market and promotion of a harmonious development of economic activities.

Unfortunately, EC bureaucracy grew inversely to EC achievements, while monetary demands on its members grew geometrically in proportion to the bureaucratic monster. Ergo, three years ago, the European Court of justice ruled that the basic principles had to be in place by the end of 1992-hence Europe'92 was born.

Essentially, this means that for trade purposes, the EC member countries are becoming an open, i.e., borderless territory. This, in turn, opens Western Europe even further to an already well-established network of high-speed trains and trucks.

Meanwhile, Eastern Europe has been opening up through the collapse of communism, allowing in both capitalism and capitalistic goods. Eastern Europe does not have a well-established ground transportation infrastructure.

Third, East European countries are realizing the need for total overhaul of their manufacturing capabilities, either by renovating or totally replacing existing facilities. …

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