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The greening of Europe. (environmentalism and airlines) (Industry)

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LONDON-MOST of the major European airlines have been bitten badly by the green bug and are committing considerable management time and effort toward cleaning up their environmental act.

Some recent developments: Lufthansa is introducing what it calls gate buffets on domestic flights-passengers will put together their own in-flight menus from a wide selection of foodstuffs displayed in the departure lounge, instead of picking up pre-packaged meals before boarding.

From its Frankfurt base, the airline says that 60% of passengers are refusing to take plastic bags for packing their food. it claims that the gate-buffet idea will reduce the volume of garbage by some 1,700 tonnes a year-enough, it has worked out, to fill 140 freight cars.

The concept recently won the International Flight Catering Association's first prize for the most creative innovation in the environment category.

Lufthansa also says that it has dropped six articles from its Boeing 747 cabin inventory and lays claim to saving considerable amounts of plastic waste a year. By using reusable cups instead of disposable plastic beakers, it will save an estimated 50 tonnes of waste a year and some 5 million fewer beakers will go in the trash. …

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