Air Transport World

Open door in the Pacific. (Taiwan Aerospace's purchase of 40% of McDonnell Douglas' Douglas Aircraft) (Editorial)

In this, our January issue, once again, we are publishing our forecast for the coming year. For some years now, we have surveyed as many airlines as we can to obtain some idea of what the year will bring in terms of traffic and financial performance.

The year ahead does not look robust but many airline officials feel that it might not be as bad as originally had been thought, considering the year just past. As always, much of it depends on the general economy here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

In any case, we probably are in for an exciting year, not for airlines but for the major manufacturers that serve them, especially the airframe builders. just as 1991 came to a merciful end, the good possibility loomed that Douglas Aircraft, the commercial portion of McDonnell Douglas, could be 40% owned by a Republic of China finn called Taiwan Aerospace. …

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