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'Governments must surrender control.' (interview with Colin Marshall, deputy chairman of British Airways)

London-British Airways is the sixth largest airline in the world in PPKs of passenger traffic and the world's largest international-passenger carrier. It has been profitable since becoming a public shareholder-owned company in 1987, It even reported a profit in its last financial year, a $290 million operating income for the 12 months ended march 31.

From his view in the stylish executive offices in St. James Square and his extensive travels throughout the BA route system, Sir Cohn sees several challenges to his airline's prosperity. Two of the biggest are the uncertainties posed by the European Community's drive toward unity at the end of next year and the threat of U.S. airline dominance over prime North Atlantic markets.

If the EC indeed develops into a unified free-trade community as its proponents hope, BA probably would look to it as its "domestic" system. …

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