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Focus on efficiency: Airbus Training knows its airplanes and wants to share that knowledge.(Training)

Unambiguous in the products it provides, Airbus Training offers its customers something those customers don't always want: The most efficient way to fly Airbus aircraft.

Airlines, especially larger carriers, prefer to standardize practices throughout their fleets, says Larry Rockliff, VP-training, Airbus North America Customer Services. While this makes a certain amount of sense in easing operations management of a multitype fleet, it does not make the best use of any of those types. Airbus Training's singular focus on Airbus aircraft and access to information gleaned from Airbus operators around the world makes it the world's authority on the best ways to operate those aircraft, he says.

"How carriers operate aircraft with training developed in-house doesn't resemble an Airbus whatsoever," he adds. The training "is a hybrid," a fact of life with airlines all over the world. It is a question of "a balance between fleet standardization and the efficiency of flight operations." When Airbus Training enters the picture with its operations knowledge, "we work with them when they want to change procedures to get more efficient. …

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