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Profile of Ozires Silva. (president of Embraer airlines)

After a 6-year hiatus, ozires Silva has come home to Embraer. But it isn't the same home that this founding president help build and nurture for more than 17 years. it isn't the same place where, under his stewardship, Embraer developed 19 and 30-passenger aircraft, capturing a sizable portion of the regional-airline market. To take the analogy one step farther, his home needs to be rebuilt-and fast.

In an environment where sales and Brazil's economy have truly gone south, Silva's task is doubly difficult. But based on a recent interview, one wouldn't think the diminutive and soft-spoken Silva had a care in the world.

In fact, his agenda is ambitious: Erase the manufacturer's $600 million debt and return it to financial health; decide whether to continue or cancel the EMB-145 regional-jet program; find ways to reduce the price tag of the $5. …

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