Air Transport World

Travel agents' commissions climb. (illustration)

Airline complaints about the steady rise in all components of their operating costs ar borne out by the results of this year's e out by the results of this year's Air Transport World survey of travel-agent commissions delineated in the following tables. Although results of the survey are somewhat distorted by the fact that many of the 53 responding carriers provided incomplete data, the tabulation shows that commissions jumped 16.6% in 1990, while revenues were rising only 13.0%.

However, the carriers were able to boost their average fare to $130.35 last year, from $123.72 in 1989, and their yield rose to 8.19cts per passenger-kilometer from 7.89cts. The survey also indicates that both average fare and yield continued to rise during the first half of this year, despite the Persian Gulf War and global recession. …

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