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New planes and new look for a new age. (interview with Olympic Airways director general Loukas Grammatikos)

Like bears after a long winter's hibernation, airlines all over Europe are stirring themselves awake and shaking off the torpor that comes with too much government regulation and protectionism. No, it is not the onset of another spring travel season that has alerted them but rather, the approach of EC'93 and the emergence of the Single European Market. Few are immune from the call of the wild that soon will echo through the business forest.

Even in Greece where the summer sun and the Aegean seem to make concentration on business especially difficult, Olympic Airways is reawakening and preparing for the post- 1992 world.

While in the U.S. to accept a 737-400 from the plane makers in Seattle, Olympic's director general, Loukas Grammatikos, spoke with ATW about preparations for EC '93. …

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