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Royal Jordanian: ravages of war. (Royal Jordanian Airlines during and after the Gulf War)

AMMAN-Royal jordanian Airlines suffered badly-and is still suffering-from jordan's having been "on the wrong side" during the Gulf crisis. An astute management headed by President Hasam Abu Ghazaleh with policy guidance from King Hussein and his civil-aviation adviser, Ati Ghandour, longtime head of the carrier, succeeded in limiting the damage.

But though the going was tough, Royal jordanian managed to maintain token operations even during the period of hostilities, notwithstanding having to locate most of its fleet outside jordan.

Prohibitively high insurance premiums forced Royal jordanian to move most of its fleet, including all of its Lockheed L-1011s, Airbus A310s and A320s to European bases. Vienna was made into a hub, while some of the aircraft were parked at Maastricht Airport in the Netherlands. The fink between Amman and Vienna was operated with Boeing 727s and a 707 that the insurers did not permit to overnight in jordan. They were ferried to Larnaca, Cyprus, after returning to Amman and went back to the jordanian capital after dawn to pick up their vienna-bound loads.

Even for such an arrangement, with daylight ground time at Amman limited to 5 hr., Royal jordanian had to pay an excess premium of $30,000 per aircraft per day. During the period of the crisis, August, 1990-March, 1991, excess insurance premiums cost the airline about $10 million.

in order to obtain some compensation for the increased insurance premiums that it had to pay following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, Royal jordanian levied an insurance surcharge that varied according to destination. …

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