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Jeffrey N. Shane: Department of Transportation Under Secretary for Policy: Jeff Shane long has been a proponent of a less-regulated, more open-market regime for the international airline industry.(Interview)(Interview)

* Do you expect the US/EU talks to produce one major agreement or are they the start of a process?

It's hard to know when we get to a significant agreement whether or not it's an endgame or whether it is the prelude to something even bigger.

* Are the freedoms of cabotage and right of establishment in most Common Aviation Area descriptions the EU's key goals in the negotiations?

I don't know if I saw any official embracing by the EU of any particular formula. There certainly were no preconditions as we went into the negotiations, so that 2makes me think the idea was to come together and try to define what we meant by a Common Aviation Area now and what is possible in the future.

* Would adopting a more open right of establishment, allowing foreign individuals or firms to establish domestic airline operations, eliminate the contentious cabotage issue as a sticking point? …

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