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If you're not part of the solution ...(Editorial)

Anyone who thought that airlines could begin to breathe a bit easier on the security front got a rude awakening over the Christmas holiday period when unspecified terrorism threats caused authorities in the UK, France and Mexico--acting at the behest of the US government--to order the cancellation of a dozen or so international flights on peak travel days and delay others for several hours over consecutive days. Measured against the thousands of flights that departed and arrived ontime, the actions cannot be seen as being significant in terms of impacting air travel. Nor did the scares seem to affect consumer behavior. Having abandoned the airways following 9/11, Bali and SARS, passengers have become either more confident or fatalistic (we'd bet on the latter) and appear to have taken the government actions in stride, as did the airlines themselves--Air France, British Airways and AeroMexico. …

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