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Paris roundup. (Paris Air Show 1991)


In addition to the progress with U.S. manufacturers, the Soviets used the Paris salon as a showcase for their technology, both real and drawing board. They filled their pavilion and airplane park with a wide range of exhibits. There was a significant reduction of things military, essentially just the much-heralded MiG-31 fighter, which remained parked most of the time.

During the course of the salon, the Soviets flew in various transports that they are hoping to sen for commercial use, or to develop for commercial application. The Antonov An-74 appeared again and actually flew one day. The twin-engine transport that looks like a scaled-down version of the Boeing YC- 14, is being proposed for use as a passenger or cargo-carrier for use in isolated areas with unimproved airfields.

In the middle of the salon, the Soviets flew in a Yak-42 testbed aircraft fined out with a unducted-fan power plant in the No. 3 engine position, this one with counter-rotating 8-blade fans. In another engine proposal, the Kumetsov Design Bureau exhibited a mockup of a new 40,000-lb.-thrust turbofan equipped with a 2-stage counter-rotating ducted fan. …

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