Air Transport World

Recipes by VideoSpecs; American Airlines aims to save $200,000 a year by eliminating cookbooks and cabin paperwork.

VideoSpecs and DAASH, two automation products that will make life easier for flight kitchens and cabin attendants-and save money as well-are in the final development stages at American Airlines' Sabre Computer Services and should be available for sale to other carriers in the not-too-distant future.

The PC-based, multimedia VideoSpecs system combines catering specifications, purchasing information, recipes and instructions for meal preparation into a presentation that will allow American to make a complete menu change in 6 hr. rather than the two weeks to two months currently required, says Jeff Katz, managing director-food and beverage. The system enables an airline to disseminate its specifications instantly and simultaneously to caterers, airline-catering staff, suppliers and purchasing and aircraft-service personnel. …

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