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Editor: While Geoffrey Thomas's article ("When Low Fares are Not Enough," ATW, 9/11, p. 61) makes good points on the need to recognize a changed, pervasive low-fare environment, much of Jonathan Bricker's consumer research results and recommendations are simplistic and suffer from selection bias. Example: "Less stress associated with flight delays?" Well, there aren't any flight delays, relatively speaking, compared with 1999-2000. The psychology and impact on business travelers in particular of uncontrollability" has been known (and countered with airline product advertising) since the 1980s.

While Jim Davies is correct with his observations in concentrated, essential industries (energy, citing British Petroleum), there is real potential for a train wreck in air travel (clearly a discretionary, derived demand) advertising campaigns that "perfume the pig" and discount the growing and very real "hassle factor" (shoes off! …

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