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Skyrocketing costs: what to do? (commuter/regional airlines) (column)

Commuter/regional airlines achieved a new record-traffic mark last year by boarding more than 41.6 million passengers-an all-time high for the industry, RAA President John Fredericksen has said.

Along with this good news, Fredericksen reported a 12.2% jump in revenue passenger miles by the overall fleet of 1,917 transports and operated by 150 commuter-level operators. Average seats per aircraft was 22.1, up from 21.8 in 1989.

In his April report to the membership, Fredericksen lauded the excellent safety record for the year and praised the industry for raising the quality, convenience and reliability of operations, believed to be above any level established during the "pioneering days of commuter airlines" prior to the deregulation days of 1981. …

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