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Setting standards; Pemco Aeroplex becomes trendsetter for cargo door conversions. (company profile)

For a company that has become known for its work in converting passenger aircraft into freighters, Combis and quick-change passenger/freighters, Pemco Aeroplex is involyed in a lot of third-party heavy maintenance. But mostly, it's known for its conversions.

Pemco Aeroplex, headquartered in Brimingham, Ala., is one of the world's largest thirdparty maintenance operations, with 1990 net sales of $133.65 million and first-quarter 1991 sales of 31.3 million. It provides as much maintenance support for the military, primarily on C-130s, KC-135s and H-2 helicopters, as it does for civilian operators. Most of this is for Periodic Depot Maintenance (PDM), the military equivalent of a full D Check. It also has done modification on wings for the C-141.

And it is heavily involved in the aging-aicraft program, including 747 section 41 checks.

But with claims as the only company doing conversions on the British Aerospace 146, the only company to do DC-9 after-market conversions, the prime conversion company for Federal Express freighters and now the first company to put a cargo door on a 737-300, Pemco has gotten into a specific niche. The problem is that it doesn't necessarily want to be there.

Pemco has been around about 40 years and has facilities in Dothan, Ala., and Clearwater, Fla., as well as Birmingham. …

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