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War's end boosts Paris air show: military hardware from the recent conflict is expected to dominate the displays; Soviets will demonstrate new turboprop. (Persian Gulf War)

It is an undeniable fact that the world's aerospace industry is shifting toward the civil sector and away from a declining military market. Many traditional military aerospace manufacturers are hard at work seeking entries and footholds in commercial aviation. None of this fundamental ground swell of change will be evidenced by what you see at this year's Paris air show.

Flushed with pride from its success in the Gulf War, the U.S. military establishment and its allies as well, are pulling out all the stops to strut their stuff at this year's salon. The U.S. Defense Department is urging its suppliers to show the flag at the show.

In the event that they don't respond, the Pentagon itself will be bringing at least 17 aircraft of the types that participated in the Desert Storm conflict, and could bring even more. Included will be the Lockheed F-117A stealth fighter and all the front-line aircraft, including McDonnell Douglas F-15s, General Dynamics F-16s, Grumman F-14s-the first Paris appearance since the Shah bought 80-and numerous helicopters. Most of the aircraft are being brought in from European commands. These, coupled with the European military equipment, not to mention the U. …

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