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Special niche in the great Northwest. (Portland International Airport)

Portland International is proving to be a top 'all-around' airport, meeting needs of passengers, cargo and maintenance.

Any airport that is surrounded by four golf courses can't be all bad. In fact, for Portland, Oreg., International, the courses contribute a lot. For one thing, they are excellent buffers, preventing housing development. For another, they reflect the airport's outlook on life fairly well-wide open, casual, relaxed, intimately friendly and an excellent atmosphere in which to conduct business.

The golf courses also can be indicative of the large amount of local Japanese industry and trade that support the airport, considering the affinity that the Japanese have for the game.

Despite the analogies, however, golf is not the business of the airport-transport is. And PDX is in the process of spending $300-400 million over the next 10 years to expand its passenger capabilities, and $94 million on cargo/maintenance expansion.

The airport's major marketing effort, aimed at increasing both passenger and nonpassenger business, began shortly after deregulation arrived in 1978. Initially, it was headed by former Aviation Director William Supak, now deputy executive director of the Port of Portland. The airport now is managed by John Brockley, with Keith Phildius serving as aviation director of the Port of Portland.

Delta pursued

In particular, the airport targeted Delta Air Lines to start operations to Japan, since the airport serves a very large Japanese industrial community that imports and exports through PDX. Delta started Portland-to-Tokyo service in 1987 and has expanded Far East service to Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok and Nagoya. It offers three daily nonstops to Asia.

Now the airport is starting to market itself to Europe, with interest building from several of the European carriers. An airport spokesman said that Lufthansa chose PDX as one of three new U. …

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