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Powering up: Boeing's demand for new technologies in 7E7 powerplants pushes engine makers to advance the state of the art. (Engines).

The new powerplants being developed for the 7E7 program will so elevate performance levels that they will spawn a whole new generation of airliner engines, the manufacturers believe.

The engines Boeing demands will be at the hub of changes intended to make the 7E7 significantly quieter and cleaner, more fuel-efficient and easier and cheaper to maintain than existing technology, yet with a step change in the onboard generation and use of power. It is those shifts away from using bleed air to provide power and pressurized cabin air, away from aircraftwide hydraulic systems and toward a nearly all-electric aircraft that make the engine central to the systems change strategy. Boeing has said that no more than two manufacturers, and maybe just one, will be selected for certification on the 7E7.

All three engine manufacturers are talking about powerplants that will feature a large fan on the order of that on 777 engines, resulting in a bypass ratio of 10:1 or greater to provide the fuel efficiency and quiet operation Boeing is requiring in a line of engines producing up to around 70,000 lb. …

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