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Mexico is pursuing U.S. airlines.

Mexico is pursuing U.S. airlines Acapulco--As the new year begins, the government of Mexico is working to advance one step further both its open-skies and air-transport partial-liberalization policies. The two moves are aimed at attracting additional foreign operators to Mexican destinations as well as inviting international investors to take part in new business undertakings.

The main focus is on U.S.-based operators and investors, due to the relevance of the Mexico/U.S. air-traffic market. The eight scheduled U.S. and Canadian airlines that serve Mexico carry 85% of all the international-passenger traffic carried by foreign airlines. And out of the total international traffic, they carry about 50%, the other half being split among local operators Mexicana, Aeromexico and Aerocalifornia.

The current stage of the governmental effort is mainly centered on regional, charter and cargo operations, following the first phase of a broad project started in early 1988, aimed at modernizing domestic air-transport activity, amid a huge program to modernize the whole economy of this country. That first phase included a flexible MOU signed with the U.S., the rise of an entirely private Aeromexico, replacing the state-owned airline of the same name and the reprivatization of Mexicana, of whose shares the Chase Manhattan Bank acquired a minor stake (ATW, 10/89).

Liberal trade deals

Simultaneously, the overall economy changed as Mexico successfully renegotiated its foreign debt early last year, established a flexible policy to attract foreign capital, freed imports and started negotiating liberal trade deals, bilaterally and multilaterally, with several Latin American countries. …

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