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Keeping Up with C-Store Cleanliness.(Statistical Data Included)

WHAT ARE THE most important issues facing convenience stores today? Employee training? Turnover rates? Customer-service skills? Security? Sanitation is certainly one of them.

Experience has shown that untrained employees will clean inconsistently, incorrectly and/or sparingly. With hundreds of customers coming through your store every day, each tracking in dirt and grime, touching cooler doors, squeezing gas-pump handles and so on, incorrect or sparse cleaning can be a dangerous oversight, and a risk that most stores probably don't want to take.

Although most employees are probably skilled in cleaning their own homes, when was the last time any of them had hundreds of people parade through their front door on any given day, many after covering a sneeze or cough with a bare hand and pumping 12 gallons of 92 octane?

There are three key reasons to train employees to use consistent products and practices when cleaning a convenience store. First, it takes the guesswork out of cleaning correctly. Second, it ensures a consistent level of cleanliness within a particular store and among a chain of stores. Third, it greatly reduces the threat of spreading disease and illness-causing bacteria.

National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) members place at the top of their list of priorities increasing employee training, increasing safety for employees and customers, and improving consistency among stores. Training employees to use consistent cleaning products and practices is a great way to address each of these issues, and the bottom line is that it will increase the level of cleanliness in your store. …

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