Firefighting around the world: Philip Mason provides a roundup of major activity and incidents tackled by firefighters around the globe.(International Roundup)



Plane Crash in Khartoum

Sudan suffered a major tragedy at the beginning of June when a plane exploded at the country's Khartoum airport, killing at least 29 people.

According to sources, the aircraft veered off of the runway following its landing at the airport, and was in turn wracked by a series of explosions as fire took hold. The plane, which was flying from Damascus in Syria via Amman in Jordan, was carrying somewhere in the region of 200 passengers, most of whom escaped thanks to the prompt action of emergency services.

According to sources, it was initially a difficult task to identify how many had been lost in the disaster due to the fact that many of the people that had escaped from the burning plane had not passed through customs. …

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