Carbon footprint and climate change.(CARBON FOOTPRINT)(Chief Fire Officers' Association's public website )

Members and other readers should note that there is now some useful information on the CFOA public website that relates to carbon foot printing and climate change. Dr Jim Marsden of Greater Manchester FRS is carrying out some valuable research on the role of the FRS within the environment in regards to sustainability and carbon foot-printing of fires. Jim Marsden will be most happy to share his research and knowledge with you should you wish to make contact.

The terms 'carbon footprint' and 'carbon emissions' are very commonly heard nowadays, but the correct scientific term for what we are talking about is 'carbon dioxide' or CO2, which as you all know, is a gaseous compound of carbon and oxygen. Hence carbon footprint/ emissions is now generally accepted as a shorthand way of talking about CO2 footprint/emissions. …

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