North Pole hovercraft expedition.(News)(Brief article)

In April 2009 Simon Marshall and Alex Henney will attempt to become the first people in history to travel to one of the world's poles by hovercraft.

The route will be from Resolute Bay, Cornwallis Island (74[degrees]42'N 94[degrees]50'W) in Nunavut, Canada to the last certified position of the Magnetic North Pole in sea ice close to Deer Bay, Ellef Rignes Island (78[degrees]35.7'N 104[degrees]11.9'W). The route in a straight line is approximately 320 nautical miles but given the likely terrain and the limits imposed as to the height of ice rubble that the craft will be able to negotiate, the journey is likely to be in the region of 500 miles in each direction.

It is expected that the round trip will take around nine to ten days but this is very much dependent on weather conditions as the hovercraft will not be able to travel in conditions of poor visibility. …

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