Airport crash truck excels with tri-extinguishing capability: higher levels of firefighting capability are being provided at Dresden airport according to Allison's Riccardo Sardelli as the new airport crash tender is rolled out as part of the airport's expansion.(Operational Assurance)


ALLISON'S M6610 FULLY AUTOMATIC transmission delivers uninterrupted power to the wheels of MAN's 41 ton Panther 8x8MA5, achieving an impressive acceleration of 0 to 80 kilometres per hour in less than 25 seconds.

As well as reaching any potential crash site within three minutes the vehicle is also easy to handle and can be operated entirely by one individual, including extinguishing devices. The ease of vehicle control provided by the automatic transmission allows the driver a free hand to operate the demanding extinguishing equipment whilst manoeuvring the vehicle.


Panther 8x8MA5 is a powerful machine in the armament of the Dresden Airport Fire Department. Twelve metres long, three metres wide and nearly four metres high, it is the new leading vehicle for large scale fire operations. Eight wheels with a diameter of 1.3 metres are each driven separately by the engine, which is mounted at the rear of the chassis to reduce in-cabin noise, a unique feature for a MAN chassis in Europe.

The 1,000 horse power engine delivers a top speed of 140 kilometres per hour, which coupled with the Allison fully automatic transmission provides reliable, seamless and rapid acceleration. …

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