A reflection on diversity: watch manager Keith Taylor talks about his experience of delivering diversity training to colleagues in Scotland.(Learning and Development)

JUNE 2007 SAW A MILESTONE. IT WAS two years since I started delivering diversity training. My approach to delivering the training inputs was 'keep your head down and soldier on'. However, this anniversary has caused me to pause and look back on the experience. It has been two plus years of venturing into a new area of training.

I started by delivering to my own watch in Dalkeith, in Midlothian just south of Edinburgh, and then spreading out to neighbouring stations. This was home turf. wholetime uniformed.

A pattern soon began to emerge around what 'the issues' were. For the most part these had been already identified, because when you are part of the culture you already know what the subjects for debate are. This is not an area which is technical. It is not a foam-making branchpipe or a high risk premises within a station area. Rather, it is 'soft', emotive and demands the consideration that people require, not the coldness of a procedure or a piece of kit. …

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