A world of fire photos: Fire Photos is a unique UK-based stock photography agency located in the south east of the country. The agency is dedicated to providing quality still images of the world's fire services, from stock images of equipment and procedures to on-scene images of operational incidents.(Risk Management)


THESE INCIDENTS BOTH--national and international--can be attended on a speculative basis, on the request of a county fire service or as a result of a commission for a specific media publication.

The agency is the culmination of 12 months' work by Sean Vatcher, a serving RDS Watch Manager of 24 years' experience with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. A desire to photograph his own service grew into a desire to meet a need that is currently not being provided within the UK--that is, to photographically promote the work of firefighters and provide images of them to the media worldwide. The past year has been spent building up a stock portfolio that has seen Sean working alongside many UK county and commercial fire services, as well as overseas fire departments. …

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