Emergency planning for the future: David Arber of Redkite looks at the importance of close working between agencies in times of emergency, and outlines the company's emergency planning system.(Risk Management)

WHEN A BOEING 777 AIRCRAFT carrying 136 passengers and 16 crew members crash-landed at Heathrow Airport in January, it was regarded as being exceptionally lucky that everyone escaped alive and with only relatively minor injuries.

The escape seemed even more remarkable following eye witnesses' claims that the British Airways flight BA038 from Beijing just managed to clear the airport perimeter fence before landing short of the runway with sufficient force to remove the landing gear fromthe plane.

The images of the damaged plane with its emergency escape chutes fully extended are still very fresh, and it has been routinely reported that the passengers and crew had a lucky escape. Certainly, luck did play a part but I think there was more to it than just luck.

The cockpit and cabin crew on the Boeing 777 did their job professionally and this probably helped reduce the severity of the incident and contributed to a relatively positive outcome. …

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