Make changes to motivate: Founding Director of Leading Light, HeatherWright, gives an account of the personal development work undertaken by the company with Cleveland Fire and Rescue Service.(Learning & Development)

AS FIRE SERVICES ACROSS THE UK continue to address the challenges of progressing the modernising agenda and managing change, productivity, motivation and good old-fashioned teamwork are more critical than ever. No rocket science there! But how does the leadership team take that task in hand and inspire firefighter teams to give the job their all?

Building Motivation

I have chatted with a lot of firefighters over the past five years, but I have yet to meet one who joined the Fire Service so that he or she could spend a large proportion of their time handing out free smoke alarms! The reality is though, that this is a very significant part of the job, a fact to which many seasoned firefighters find it hard to reconcile themselves. Lots of new recruits also find it tough to accept that they will spend more time knocking on doors and chatting about fire prevention than they will rescuing people from burning buildings. But the fact remains that fire prevention work within the community saves lives and is therefore critical to the success of individual firefighters and the fire services they work for.

Our challenge is to help people to focus on the outcomes of that more routine aspect of the job. By doing that, we can help them see its rewards and enable them to respond to it as a fulfilling part of their life rather than a 'box-ticking' exercise so that they can get on and do something more exciting. Time for Change

For Cleveland Fire Brigade, the way in which Leading Light has helped to change perceptions about fire prevention and community liaison work within the service has certainly been tangible over the past five years. …

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