Water, water everywhere but not a drop ... Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has recently brought their HVP unit into use at a major fire in Hull. The incident involved a deeply seated fire in hundreds of tonnes of mulch that had become involved on Queen Elizabeth Dock.(Operational Assurance)

WHILST INITIALLY THE SCENE of the incident appeared to be an isolated piece of ground with very few peripheral problems, it soon became clear that there were a number of issues that could arise if prompt action was not taken.

The fire was adjacent to the BP Saltend chemical works tank farm which borders the dock at this point and to compound this problem the tanks nearest to the fire contained naptha. As a precaution, the BP fire team set up a number of monitors around the tank farm to protect them until the fire could be contained.

Pumps were made six within 20 minutes of the first attendance, with further assistance from the service's Water Support Unit and HVP requested later. …

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