A vision for the future--Local Government Association workshop: an opportunity was taken by the Local Government Association to launch the consultation document Fire and Rescue in 2017: Rising To The Challenge. Councillors James Ashton and Mac MacGuire invited the delegates to comment on what was seen very much as a draft document.(Fire Conference 2006)

The document was prepared by the LGA as a starting point to see where the Service wishes to be in 2017, recognising the scale of the changes that had taken place since Sir George Bain's review in 2002--the emphasis on prevention, the adoption of IPDS, regional working and the resilience agenda,

The shared ambition of the LGA, DCLG and CFOA will be the outcome of the consultation and inform the work plan of the Fire Service's Management Committee,

The draft vision itself set out several key aims:

* Fire and rescue services are building safer communities, reducing the impact of fires and other emergencies;

* The Service needs to be locally owned and delivered, responsive to the needs of local people;

* Regional or national activities are owned and accountable to fire and rescue authorities;

* Partnership is the key to efficiency;

* FRAs are fully engaged with the local communities;

* The Service reflects, values and responds to the diversity of the community it serves;

* The Service makes best use of technology;

* FRAs to be recognised as civic bodies which staff and public take pride; and,

* Everyone in the Service understands their role in delivering the vision and is committed to it

Delegates made a number of points about the document and the vision itself. …

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